Pilates in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

6 Reasons to Try Pilates in San Miguel de Allende

We love pilates in San Miguel de Allende – strengthens, tones & lengthens… usually without sweating! :)   Here are 6 good reasons you should try it, too:

Look 10 Pounds Thinner: Pilates helps you improve your posture, and the simple act of standing with good posture can make people appear 5-10 pounds thinner (and more confident, too). One of my mentors always says, “Pilates is a lifestyle.” By that he means that you don’t leave the class behind when you walk out the door. You try to incorporate all of the elements into your daily life—engaging your abs, standing tall, relaxing your shoulders, moving with grace. Pilates exercises help you do all those things, and standing taller and more confidently is a bonus, too.”

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